Weslyn Grace | An Introduction

This is the story of Weslyn Grace Sparks. Born April 11, 2018 at 37 weeks. She weighed 7 lbs and 3 oz and was 20.5 inches long. I should have anticipated her arrival, every piece of me knew that she would be here earlier than planned but I lived in a perfect world made up in my head where babies arrive within days of their due date. (A big thank you to my son, Shane, for that one who started up my labor process on his due date and arrived the day after.)

I went into my doctor's office with my husband and our son. I knew we'd be having our last ultrasound and I wanted them to be there. The ultrasound tech checked everything out, nothing alarming (unless you were me, terrified of having another big baby that would make recovery worse than the first time around). After checking on her little finger, toes and all other important things, they sent us back out into the waiting room. They wanted me to catch up on some lab work which would take at least another hour so, I sent my husband back home with our son who was getting more and more restless with each minute. I sat and waited and waited and waited until they had me go back and see the midwives since my doctor was in surgery.

From there I was informed that I had excess fluid. And by excess I'm talking 50% more fluid than there is suppose to be. So they sent me into the monitoring room where we monitored her heartbeat and movements for twenty minutes. No red flags. But I was nervous, especially so when my doctor walked in with the midwife.

"We're going to go ahead and induce you." Okay. No big deal. But then they went on to tell me that the induction was going to happen because they were worried about her breaking my water on her own. Because of the amount of fluid, they believed her umbilical cord would come before she would and then it would become an emergency situation. So I sat there thinking they would schedule me for an induction next week. I had a wedding to shoot that Saturday almost two hours away so when they told me I was getting induced that same night, I went into panic mode. (Luckily, this mama was prepared and had an associate photographer on call in case something like this happened.)

So I went home and packed our bags and then drove back to the hospital. It was a much faster experience than it was with my son. Arrived at around 2:30 PM and Weslyn made her appearance at 11:04 PM with no complications.

Thank you all so much for your patience with me as I am on maternity leave! Now for some cute photos of miss Weslyn Grace.

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