Sarah | Camp Honey Creek | Hunt, TX

This past Saturday I met up with Sarah and her mom, who was my old English teacher! We drove out to Hunt, Texas to have her session at Camp Honey Creek for Girls. Sarah wanted her session to take place there because it held a special place in her heart; she'd been going to this camp for seven years! I never went to summer camp growing up so I think it's so cool when people can say that! Her quirky personality came out in the ideas she had for her session. As props for her session, she brought her flute and her ukulele (which she played for me while I took her photos!) She will be graduating from Champion High School in June!

P.S. At the end of her session, she totally jumped in the creek in her cap and gown!

#hunt #senior #sarah #championhighschool #camphoneycreek

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